Finger Neck Arrestor Bed

This dogs-leg bend is 400m after the Finger Neck Portage put-in (not to be confused with the similar bend before Finger Neck). It's a nasty, shallow pebble bed that usually adds a few unwelcome pressure dings to your boat's flank, due to having to make the turn in shallow rocky water. If you are racing its a good opportunity to lose a few valuable places. 

aerial arrestor bed

When approaching this boulder garden, 90% of paddlers will tend to keep left because that appears to be the best of the few bad options available. It is also where the most water is going. The left line is fine if there is enough water to make the right turn, but at any level below a medium level you are better off centre. The centre line is unbelievably clean even in very low conditions and the turn is with the current, so you should never be broadside to any rocks. It is however not the easiest one to see. You have to know your landmarks and stay exactly on the line. The first video below shows the centre line with no water release, when it was not even poosible to get down the conventional left line.

approach arrestor bed

Video: Centre line at LOW LEVEL (no water release) 

Video: Centre line at MEDIUM LEVEL




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