Ithala Challenge

The Ithala Challenge

The annual Ithala Challenge is held on the Bivane and Pongola Rivers. The Bivane is a technical river and good river reading, balance and navigation skills are essential to take on the Challenge in a K1 or K2. 

The following video clip, taken during the 2013 event, gives an insight into the character of the race and river as well as the wild, raw beauty of the valley.

Bivane River Video

Rapid 1  Miss Kinky   8.5 km   
Rapid 2
Meneer  12.5 km Portage
Rapid 3 Fliparoo  13 km Portage (most levels)
Rapid 4 Cruella  14.2 km Portage
Rapid 4b Marylin  14.3 km  
Rapid 4c Saartjie  14.4 km  
Rapid 5 Meany  17 km  
Rapid 6a Pebbles  17.5 km  
Rapid 6b Big Drop  19 km Portage
Rapid 6c Mountain Blast  22 km  
Rapid 7 The Ledges  24 km Portage
Ithala Fence Usually submerged  29 km  
Confluence Turn right!  33 km  
Finish Ithala Game Reserve  42 km  
  river map