Fast Facts - LittleJohn
River: Umgeni
Access: Tar road/Path 30m
Races on this section:
     50 Miler (2011)
     Inanda to Durban
     Dusi Canoe Marathon
     Non-Stop Dusi

Little John

Little John is the first rapid you encounter if you choose not to portage Burma Road. Your landmark is the first bridge you go under after the put in below Inanda Dam. It is a long rapid, but not a technically demanding one, as the line is fairly straight forward.

littlejohn aerial

Little John can be approached from the right at any water level and from the left if the river is running above a medium level. The left line gives you a more direct line through the top wave but in most cases it is too bony to be worthwhile.




Within 30m of the start of the rapid the river narrows and a reasonable size wave forms. This wave gets big when the river is running high but in most cases it is safe to just punch through it. If you are in doubt, skirt around it on the left. Do not go too far left as the eddy is strong and you will get spun out or ramp the sloping rock, either way amounting to unnecessary admin!



After the top wave keep LEFT all the way down. There is a long wave train that ends in a large flat pool. Be warned - most paddlers who swim in Little John do so at the end, mainly due to the strong eddies and a drop in concentration! The only damage likely will be to your ego... 

Medium River Level 

Low River Level